St Peter’s Church, Folkestone – Phase 2

Having successfully completed Phase 1 earlier in 2018, Charlier Construction Ltd went on to win the Phase 2 of the works to St Peter’s Church.

This principally involved the complete internal re-decoration, electrical re-configuration and refurbishment of the church as well as further external works to the Bellcot, Lightening Conductors and replacement of Wire Guards protection to the windows.

Having repaired the decades long roof leak in Phase 1 of the works. Investigation into the timber roof structure revealed that while there was surface damage, the timber was in solid condition.

The church was then well protected inside to prepare for installation of a birdcage scaffold to access the high ceilings. Advanced techniques involving chemical seals and steam were used to expose the existing brickwork.

The origional works involved paint removal and it was anticipated that the church would be re-painted to match the existing. To everyone’s surprise what was revealed beneath was elaborate, decorative brickwork that was designed to be seen and covered up many years (and many layers of paint) ago. The brickwork had intricate patterns and a depiction of the Cross. Further to this a complete new electrical layout was installed.

The more ancient part of the church was restored to it’s previous white finish, not having the same decorative brickwork. Works then began to the Bellcot. The bell suspended, frame replaced and re-stalled with a new solenoid to chime the bell by the touch of a button inside the church. Further masonry repairs dealt with damage of decades of sea air.



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